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Air Conditioning  Efficiency

Wish as we will that it was different, it isn’t.  What the Proctor Engineering Group discovered in their land mark study of the Fresno, California area is still true in Buda Texas in 2011.

20% of systems had refrigerant leaks.

67% of systems have insufficient air flow due to improper ducting, clogged evaporator coils or dirty filters.

27% of air conditioning systems were over-charged with refrigerant.

20% had other problems that directly affected system performance and efficiency.

97% had duct leaks greater than 150 cubic foot per minute.

27% of air conditioning systems were under-charged with refrigerant.

We at AirOne see all this for ourselves… first hand… every day in Buda and Kyle.

You should  know:

That a small return air leak in a 140 degree attic  in Buda can reduce system efficiency by 50%.

That a 20% reduction in indoor air flow can reduce efficiency by 17% or more.

That a 23% refrigerant undercharge can reduce system efficiency by 50%.

That’s why we take a total system approach with the AirOne Total Performance Diagnostic.

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