Fall Is Here – Part 1


Hello Kyle, Buda, San Marcos and Lockhart, let’s get ready for fall. This is the time that most people open their windows up for some fresh air. When fall is here we know that winter is just around the corner. Texas winters can be very unpredictable. One evening in the middle of winter people are still wearing their flip flops and shorts sipping a margarita on their back porch or tubing down the San Marcos River and by the next morning trying to scrap 5 inch sheet of ice off their cars while still trying to make it to work on time.

Since Texas weather can be so unpredictable let’s use this time in fall to prepare for the unknown in winter because nothing is worse than having the first ice storm of the year and then learning that your heater is not working. Sure in the back of everyone’s minds we think “Hey I got blankets I’ll be fine”, but what we have to remember is that you can’t put blankets around every pipe in your house. For most Texans we don’t have to worry about pipes freezing but if the heating system fails this could be the perfect environment for some icy pipes.

Here is the danger when water in pipes freeze. Water in the pipes will expand and put incredible pressure on both plastic pipes and metal. If the pipe breaks, it can easily create a miniature San Marcos River. Let’s try to avoid that situation check the following blog to see how to avoid a broken pipe disaster.