Rebates / Tax Credits

  AirOne electronically compares thousands of possible Heatiing and Cooling system combinations and then compares those systems to the available rebates and tax credits.  Even we are often amazed at the end results….like some of the best  energy efficient Heat Pump systems available for less than a bottom line Air Conditioning electric heat only system.  

Cities, utility companies, State and Federal government agencies and manufacturers offer rebates or tax credits on new Heating & Cooling systems  from time to time.  Who qualifies for a rebate/tax credit is normally pretty easy to determine.  Which Heating or Air Conditioning systems  qualify and how the possible combination of rebates/tax credits affect the cost of that Heating and Cooling system is much more difficult to determine. A  Heating and Cooling systems qualification is often dependent on a combination of  SEER, EER, HSPF system ratings within each system type (Gas, Electric, Heat Pump, Duel Fuel, Geothermal).

Rebate availability is always subject to change and it is important to have accurate information.  Call 512-392-0022 to get the most current information on locally available rebates.

City of San Marcos …..contingent on availability of funds.   Click Here

PEC ….    PEC  Rebate Program