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your air conditioning system is running 

doesn’t mean it’s running right.

AirOne® takes air conditioning repair, service, maintenance and installation calls from customers all over the Central Texas looking for help with their air conditioning and heating systems. We never underestimate the importance of our clients being comfortable inside their homes. Comfort is about more than just being warm or cool . Air conditioning systems maintain comfort by controlling the filtration, air movement, temperature and humidity of the air inside your home.

Our Total Performance Diagnostic program defines the difference between when a system is just working and when a system is working right

Air conditioning is important for dehumidification as well as cooling.  The refrigeration equipment originally developed by Willis Carrier in 1902 was almost used solely for dehumidification.  Residential central air conditioning systems keep homes cool in the warmer months, warm in the cooler months and helps control indoor humidity levels summer and winter. Residential air conditioners today come as mini-split systems that cool specific areas, and as central air conditioning systems with ductwork that distributes cooled air to every rooms throughout the home.


How Air Conditioning Works

Air Conditioning systems uses a pressurized “refrigerant” to remove  heat from the air in your home. Heat in the air is transered into the refrigerant as the air is moved past an indoor refrigerant coil. The heat in the refrigerant is then released into the air outside your home.  This refrigerant cycle continues until the thermostat reaches its set-point temperature.

AC Systems are made up of many component parts such as a compressor, a fan, condenser coil, evaporator coil, and the refrigerant. These individual components must work in together properly in order to properly and efficiently cool your home. The failure of any one component can cause the entire system to stop working

The three main sections that make up most split central air conditioning systems are:

  • The outdoor condensing unit    (with a compressor, fan, condenser coil      and electrical controls)
  • A matching indoor air handler   ( with a blower fan and evaporator coil)
  • Ductwork  (designed and  constructed to deliver the correct amount of air to each room)

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