Heat Pump Repair

Are heat pumps a good choice for Central Texas?

AirOne®   Air Conditioning technicians are experienced experts when it comes to servicing, repairing, maintaining, or installing heat pump systems.  Heat pump systems may be air source or ground source. Air source heat pumps systems capture air from the air and ground source heat pumps capture heat from the ground.  To make a cooling system into a heat pump system manufacturers use a reversing valve that reverses the refrigerant flow and the functions of the indoor and outdoor coils.  In winter, the indoor coil of a heat pump gets hot while the outside coil gets cold.

Heat pump systems are comprised of the same components used in air conditioning systems with the addition of a reversing valve, defrost board, and refrigerant receiver.  Special heat pump compatible thermostats are also used to help control the additional features of the heat pump system. Heat pump systems are much more energy efficient in the Central Texas area than electric heat systems.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps capture heat in the outdoor air and transfer that heat inside your home using the refrigerant in the heat pump system. Air source heat pumps can be two to three times more efficient than electric heat systems here in the Central Texas area.  Electric heat systems produce approximately 3.414 Btu’s per KW while heat pump systems produce from 7 to 12 Btu’s per KW.  That’s a significant energy savings.  Heat pumps are a good way to help control  The High Cost of Keeping Warm.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

     Ground source heat pumps capture heat from a series of pipes buried in the ground to transfer heat inside your home using the refrigerant in the heat pump system.  These pipes may be in deep wells or buried in relatively shallow trenches. Unlike air source heat pumps who’s capacity, efficiency and vary with outdoor temperatures, ground source heat pumps maintain  more consistent capacity, and efficiency outputs due to the consistent temperature of the the earth. 

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