Furnace Repair Buda

Buda Furnace Repair

Furnace or Air Handler?

     Furnaces are designed to consume carbon based fuels and dispose of the waste material (carbon monoxide) created when the fuel is burnt.  In the Buda area most furnaces burn natural or Liquid Petroleum (LP) gas.  Air Handlers are used electricity or heat pumps in the heating mode.

AirOne®   technicians are trained to evaluate both the performance and the safety of your Buda gas furnace. Gas combustion furnaces should always bring in combustion air from outside the condition space and exhaust the combustion air outside the conditioned space of the home.

Most gas furnaces in the Buda area are central “forced air” type furnaces.  Central forced air furnaces use a blower motor and squire cage blower to force air across the furnace heat exchanger in into the duct system where the warm air is distributed thru out the home.  Learn more about your gas furnace options.

Modern furnace components normally include:

A Glow Bar igniter with an electronic ignition sequencing board … used to ignite the furnace gas flame

A Flame Sensor also controlled by the ignition sequencing board … used to sense when a furnace flame is present

An Induced Blower … used to pull  furnace combustion gas into the burner and exhaust  furnace combusted gas.

An Inducer Pressure switch … used to prove operation of the furnace induced blower

A series of Temperature Sensing Switches … used to sense excessive or misdirected furnace flame or heat

A Door Switch … used to verify that  furnace compartment doors are closed to prevent carbon monoxide poisioning.

A Gas Valve and burners … used to supply gas and direct the furnace flame into the heat exchanger

A Heat Exchanger … used to carry the  furnace gas flame and separate the furnace flame from the indoor air

An AirOne®   technician can properly evaluate, and troubleshoot all these components and more to assure the safety and proper operation of your gas furnace … in Buda call 512-392-0022