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Our Comfort Society Members Have Waved Goodbye to the 21 Point Inspection

 And said Hello to:

  Total Performance Diagnostic

Every air conditioning service call should include more than just replacing a broken part that just gets your air conditioning or heating systme back to just ” making noise and moving air”.   

Any air conditioning and heating scheduled  maintenance and inspection service should deliver more than 21 check marks.  Any real maintenance and inspection air conditioning service and heating service  program should deliver 21 system checks  …  PLUS  … real-time usable information like:

  1. Rated Nominal Cooling Btu’s  vs  Calculated Cooling Btu’s
  2. Rated Heating Btu’s  vs  Calculated Heating Btu’s
  3. Rated CFM  vs  Calculated CFM
  4. Cooling Efficiency  /  Estimated SEER
  5. Estimated  Annual Operating Cost

Your air conditioning service and heating servicer program should do more than just confirm that your system is running … it should verify that it’s running right and running efficiently.

The most critical information you need to know from an air conditioning  service and heating service program can’t be obtained from the standard 21 point inspection.     The 21 point inspection can detect some existing and potential problems but it doesn’t go far enough and often leaves many performance problems undetected.  Air conditioning service and heating service should do more than just make you air conditioning and heating system “make noise and move air”.

Twenty-one individual components all operating perfectly …  doesn’t mean they are all working together,  any more than 21 people all playing their individual musical instruments mean they’re all playing  same song.

AirOne developed Total Performance Diagnostic  and incorporated it into our Comfort Society Program so we could evaluate how well all those individual cooling and heating system components were operating in harmony with one another to produce the type of performance and energy savings expected from an air conditioning service program and a heating service program.

Our AirOne Comfort Society membership also  includes clearing drain lines and cleaning condenser coils.

AND THE COST IS ONLY     $14.95  per month