Air Handler Repair

What is an air handler?

     Air handlers are the indoor section of electric heating and cooling split systems. Here in Cerntal Texas air Handlers are normally  located in the attic or behind a door above the return air grill inside  homes. Air handlers are large boxes that house a blower, heating elements, evaporator coil,  filter rack, and a host of electrical controls.  The homes duct system is attached to the air handler.  The air handler blower pulls air thru the return air grill, pushes the air thru the ducting system and then returns the air back into the home thru supply grills located in each room.

Air is either heated or cooled by the components inside the air handler as the air passes thru it.  Air handler repairs are required when any of these components fail to operate correctly or become too dirty to operate effeciently.

Air handlers are required to contain a filter rack for air filtration.  Due size restraints, the filter area provided inside air handlers are generally considered too small for any but the least effective filters.  Your AirOne®   technician can make suggestions and recommendations about improving air filtration with return air filter grills and other filter options.  The special pollen and allergy conditions here in the Central Texas area require special filtration for many families.

     Selecting an air handler with the right blower should also be a prime consideration when humidity control and/or special ducting conditions exist.  When replacing a heating or cooling system selecting the right blower will be critical to achieving the best indoor comfort and humidity controll.

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