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San Marcos Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service

San Marcos Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service

AirOne® trained technicians are experienced at servicing, repairing, maintaining and installing a wide range of heating and air conditioning systems. Whether your San Marcos system is a single speed, two speeds, variable speed, heat pump, gas heat, mini-split or other type  air conditioning system, our technicians are trained and ready to help with your San Marcos heating and air conditioning needs.

We work on any make and model system including, Ruud, Rheem, Weathermaker, Coleman, Goodman, Amana, Lennox, Bryant, ICP, Nordyne, York, Armstrong, Frigidaire ,Carrier, Trane, American Standard  and more.

Air Conditioner Repair San Marcos

     Air Conditioners control indoor comfort by cooling and dehumidifying the air inside your home. AirOne®   provides repair, installation and routine maintenance of San Marcos air conditioning systems.  Our technicians can troubleshoot mechanical problems with your San Marcos AC system and diagnose performance problems using our unique Total Performance Diagnostic program.


Heat Pump Repair San Marcos

     Heat pumps use the same system that cools your home … to heat your home.  Heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from outside your home more efficiently than resistant heat. Electric heat is used to “back-up” or supplement heat pumps during extreme temperatures and during “defrost cycles”. AirOne®   can troubleshoot and diagnose any issue you may be having with your heat pump system.  Routine air conditioning and heap pump maintenance discounts are available in the San Marcos area customers with our Comfort Society maintenance program.

ir conditioning repair san marcos, air conditioning repair buda, air conditioning repair, kyle, air conditioning repair new braunfelsAir Handlers San Marcos

     Air handlers  move air across the indoor evaporator coil in cooling and electric heat strips in heating. Blower motors, squire cage blowers, evaporator coils, transformers, and control boards are just a few of the components technicians will troubleshoot and diagnose while servicing the air handler portion of your San Marcos air conditioning system



        Furnace Repair San Marcos

     Furnaces heat your home by burning various fuels like natural gas, LP gas, oil, or coal. Our trained technicians insure you system is operating properly using our Total Performance Diagnostic program. Burning carbon based fuels creates potentially deadly carbon monoxide so these systems should be inspected annually.  Ask about our “Comfort Society” maintenance program for San Marcos.



Common Duct Problems

Air Conditioning Ductwork San Marcos

     Air conditioned and heated air is distributed throughout your home via a series of boxes and tubes generally referred to as ductwork. Many air conditioning duct systems in the San Marcos area are poorly designed and many air conditioning systems lose as much a 40% or more of efficiency due to air leaking into or out of the duct system. High utility bills and rooms that do not heat or cool evenly are good signs you duct system should be inspected.


Indoor Air Quality  San Marcos

     Whole house filtration systemsand air purification devices are just two methods of improving indoor air quality.  Other IAQ problems result from energy efficient homes that are tightly sealed. Our technicians can help you minimize the IAQ problems in your home and increase the comfort level of your heating and cooling system.



Air Conditioning Thermostats San Marcos

     Thermostats can be used to regulate the heating, cooling and humidity levels inside your home. An AirOne®   technician can help you navigate the maze of electronic, programmable and internet connected thermostat available today.


Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance San Marcos

     Maintaining your air conditioning and heating system should be a top priority. All mechanical systems and devices wear down and break down over time. Increased utility bills and higher repair expenses will far exceed the cost of an AirOne®   Comfort Society” maintenance program. We’re so confident in our maintenance program, that we run service calls below our cost when our Comfort Society members have a service problem.

 Zoning San Marcos Air Conditioning and Heating  Systems

     Many two story homes in the San Marcos area suffer from uneven heating between the upstairs and downstairs.  Zoning may be the solution.