Air Conditioning Options


Air Conditioning  Systems / San Marcos, Buda, Kyle, New Braunfels

Selecting the best air conditioning option needn’t be a daunting process, but it should involve more than a system price written on the back of a business card or the bottom of a service invoice.

When replacing an existing air conditioning system or installing a central air conditioning in any home, there is a lot to consider. Manufacturers produce a wide range of air conditioning systems and a lot of AC system options in order to accommodate nearly any situation.  The difficult part is finding the best air conditioning solution for you, your home and your circumstances.

There is more to consider that just system efficiency and cooling capacity.  The biggest and most efficient system you can afford is very often the worst solution.  The job of the air conditioning contractor or AC sales consultant should be to make you aware of what is available and help you make the best decision based on your needs, the specific conditions of your home and the air conditioning objectives you want to achieve.

We’ll provide a broad overview of many of the more common problems and solutions relevant to the San Marcos, Buda, Kyle and New Braunfels areas here in Central Texas. Our micro-climate conditions, the traditional building methods and materials used in the area, and the availability of energy rebates and building codes all play a part in what we have chosen to include in this overview.

The only way to make finding the right air conditioning system for you and your home any faster, more thorough and easier to follow would be to call an AirOne professional to evaluate your home and answer your questions in person … and it’s free.

Things you may want to consider…

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Air Conditioning /  What size is the right size?

Air Conditioning / New AC and old air ducts!

Air Conditioning / Bigger AC or better insulation?

Air Conditioning / R22 or 410A refrigerant?

Air Conditioning / What about heating?

Air Conditioning / Energy efficiency  vs  equipment cost.

Air Conditioning / Why how a system is installed matters.

Air Conditioning / Comfort  vs  Cold.

Air Conditioning / Allergies and Indoor Air Quality.

Air Conditioning / Single Speed Systems.

Air Conditioning / Single Speed systems with ECM blower.

Air Conditioning / Two Speed systems with ECM blower.

Air Conditioning / Variable Speed systems with ECM blower.

Air Conditioning / Ductless Mini-Split systems.

Air Conditioning / Package air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioning / Ground Source air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioning / Zoned air conditioning systems.